The Long-Awaited Life Update, I’m Back to Being Me

How i came back to being me after having a baby

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been a bit on the fence about publishing it to the whole of internet but fuck it.

The last few weeks have been so busy all the time; I mean every minute of every day; that I didn’t realise three months went by since I published anything on here. Funny thing is, I still think of myself as a blogger, lol at me.

If you’re wondering what’s been happening here, I’ll let you know (even if you aren’t wondering I will still fill you in).

Alaska and I went to Estapone (Malaga) for a week of sun, Sangria and sand and it was absolutely brilliant. We bonded even more (didn’t think that was possible) and had so much fun! I really hope she remembers that holiday when she’s older or at least a part of it because we had such an amazing time. We took a day trip to Gibraltar as well, which was bizzaire because it was like stepping into a mini-England but overall, great for shopping. When we came back, we were welcomed home by Liam and a surprise pet – we are now proud owners of a Horsefield tortoise called Clams. Alaska came up with the name, obviously.

Aside from that, I’ve been super busy with paperwork and trying to memorise the contents of the internet as I am setting up a business. There’s many reasons for it, one of the biggest is the demand for the business which I can easily supply but another is that I am sick and tired of being screwed over by every employer I have ever worked for. So I decided it’s time to put an end to that and start something of my own where I am in control and nobody can screw me over and leave me without an income over night.

On a personal side of things, I am completely content with my relationship, family and life in general (even when I moan and wish there was more hours in the day).

I finally feel like myself again after almost three and a half years of struggling with Post Natal Depression. I can finally see myself on the other side of it. It’s still there but I have learnt how to look after myself and fight my battles. I’m starting to look after myself almost as much as I look after my family, home and work and one day (hopefully soon) I will also look after this blog like that.

I have learnt so many things in the last few years, they could fill a book, film and a spin-off Netflix Original and I feel great about it. I no longer feel overwhelmed by being a mum, a fiancee, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I do everything that needs doing and a bit more and I am content. While this may not sound like much, I haven’t felt truly content in a long time; so long that I can’t remember when I did.

I’m me again and I feel optimistic, what more could I wish for?


Thanks for reading,

Klaudia xo

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