Spring Outfit Ideas for Your Toddler Girl

What type of girl is your favourite three-year-old? Is she slightly wild and loves to dress up in the most bizarre outfits, or is she calmer and settled and wears everything full of poise most toddlers don’t have? Read on and decide!


Prepare yourself (and your bank card) for a long night of ‘add to cart’ because this list will make you buy oh-so-many beautiful clothes for your little girl! I am absolutely in love with every single piece and couldn’t resist sharing them all with you!

I have divided them into styles to match the various types of little girls’ capsule wardrobes! Now is the time to get yourself a cup of tea, a charger for whatever device you are on and a comfy seat, we’ll be here for a while.

The Bold & Eclectic Girl

If your little girl loves leaving the house in mismatching socks, glittery wellies and a princess crown, along with ‘her favourite’ top and shorts (of the day), this is for her. These pieces are all embellished enough to keep her happy with all the things that are going on, while still keeping her outfit stylish. They can all be mixed and matched too, always a bonus!

Floral Embroidered Peplum Back Top, £12, River Island
Tunic, From £20, Boden

Rose Gold Leather Chelsea Boots, From £50, Boden

Pink Tutu, £10, River Island
Fun Applique Skirt, From £25, Boden
Blue Frill Trim Shirt, £12, River Island
Tropical Garden Swimsuit, From £15, Boden
DeeDee Floral Stripe Leggings, From £12.95, Joules, John Lewis
Pretty Hotchpotch Skirt, From £25, Boden
Pretty Printed Woven Top, From £23, Boden
Fun Leggings, From £14, Boden

I would say Alaska falls in the bold and eclectic category and most of the time she will not be seen without at least one slightly ridiculous accessory or piece of clothing. Out of the clothes I picked out for your crazy girl, my favourites are definitely the glittery boots, the applique cat skirt and the frilly shirt. Alaska would most likely wear all of them together and as long as she feels good and loves her outfits, I love them too!

Copy of Copy of The Bold & Eclectic Girl.png

Your vintage girl most likely has the majority of Cath Kids in her room and in her wardrobe. She loves her polka dots, vintage cuts and vintage patterns. I’ve put together a mixture of adorable pieces inspired by different eras in fashion history.

Colourful Knitted Dress, From £30, Boden
Floral Backpack, £25, Cath Kids, John Lewis
Twirly Nautical Skirt, From £25, Boden
Fun Leggings, From £14, Boden
Hotchpotch Jersey Dress, From £17.50 (on sale), Boden
Cable Knit Cardigan, From £16.80, Boden
Long Dungarees, From £18.50, Boden
Pretty Ruffle Swimsuit, From £20, Boden
Flowery Jersey Dress, From £20, Boden

I am absolutely in love with all things vintage and own a lot of vintage clothes. Alaska however, only has a few pieces because children’s vintage clothes are so hard to find! They always have a lot of character and make her look oh-so-adorable though! The 60s dresses are my favourites, the knitted one can be worn on windy days at the beach and the floral Twiggy-Esque one can be worn just about anywhere!

Copy of The Bold & Eclectic Girl.png

This Instagram-perfect girl is always dressed on point, in the best quality, classic clothes. She has a modern bedroom with clouds for cushions and paper lanterns hanging from the ceilling, filled with wooden toys. If that’s your girl, then these are the perfect clothes for her.

Pretty Cardigan, From £20, Boden
Breton Top, From £9.60 (on sale), Boden
Short Dungarees, From £18 (on sale), Boden
Floaty Woven Top, From £23, Boden
Broderie Frill Dress, From £49, Boden
Polly Dress, From £44, Boden
Summer Heart Patch Trousers, From £22, Boden
Girls’ Day Dress, From £32, Jigsaw, John Lewis
17gsum_33544_bst (1)
Nostalgic Woven Dress, From £30, Boden

I really love all the colours in the classic looks, I can just imagine a gorgeous blonde girl wearing all those blue outfits and looking absolutely adorable. My favourites are definitely the last dress with the subtle yellow on the classic striped dress and the heart patch trousers that look comfortable as well as stylish.

So this was my first proper post on Toddler Fashion in ages, I really hope you all liked it and that you found your little girl/niece/granddaughter some lovely things thanks to this!

I’m trying to put a lot more time into blogging now so hopefully, you’ll be seeing more from us! Bare in mind that there are only 24 hours in a day though and that’s never enough!

Thanks for reading,

Klaudia xo

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