3 Outfit Ideas for the Office


The last few weeks have been super hectic so before I get into the outfit ideas for right now, I want to update you all on everything (well, the interesting and important) that has been going on.

Most importantly, as some of you may know Alaska has had lower back pain and fevers at night for around a year now and we’ve spend the majority of that year visiting different doctors who didn’t know what was wrong with her. One of the things they were almost sure of was that she had either bone cancer, leukaemia or a tumour on her spine. We finally found out that she doesn’t have any of them so whatever it is, it’s not one of the worst. The relief is unimaginable. In fact, she is starting to get better with her back pain being less and less frequent and lasting less so hopefully whatever it is is going away.

Aside from that, we’ve had our kitchen completely ripped apart and another one put in which meant we had two weeks of all of our kitchen appliances being scattered around the house (wasn’t too bad having the fridge right next to the sofa, I guess) and dust everywhere. I mean everywhere. We tried to avoid it by shutting all the doors, putting foil over carpets but it was still constant dust and clutter everywhere. My OCD was boiling inside me with the helplessness of doing the bloody washing up in the bath and not being able to eat anything but a micro meal or take aways.

After two weeks of testing the microwave meal range at just about every shop in the UK (we’ve reached a verdict: Tesco’s and M&S Food are in a tie for best supplier), we finally did a big clean of the kitchen and I spent the whole afternoon organising everything in there to perfection and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. I will show you once we’ve put the decorations on the walls up and managed to drill the blinds in.

On the next note, if you have left the house and gone into any public place last week (or have school aged children) you will have realised by the masses of school aged kids on weekdays everywhere that it was half term. We went swimming twice, caught up with some friends and family and got Alaska’s hair cut for the first time ever! I also worked for quite a few days in the half term so Alaska got to have quality one-on-one time with Liam.

Last thing I wanted to mention before I get into the actual point of this post, promise; is that about two weeks ago, my best friend Charlotte gave me Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Now book and I read it, expecting a miracle, stopped smoking for 24 hours and then I was back to it. I’m not in any way saying the book is full of shit but I’m not going to recommend it as highly as I would if it worked. It’s a fairly interesting, highly repetitive book but it would be my favourite if it helped me to quit smoking which it didn’t. So if you’ve read it and are in the 10% of the readers of this book who didn’t manage to quit smoking, don’t worry. It’s okay, you’ll do it one day or you won’t. It’s completely up to you.

Now that you will probably be trying to scroll through to look at the promised outfit ideas instead of listening to my ramblings; here they are:

Creme Shadow x 6: Glamorise Me, 32.50, MAC Lime Crime Suedeberry Velvetine Liquid Lipstick, £16, Dolls Kill Straw, gold-tone and quartz necklace, Rosantica, £345, Net-a-Porter Multi Gingham Peasant Blouse, Sonia Rykiel, £310, Avenue 32 Purple Rain Love Crossbody with Tassel, Rebecca Minkoff, £148 (ON SALE!), Brand Outlet Stripe Mini Skirt, £98, Karen Millen 14K Gold + Diamond Crab Necklace, Delicacies Jewelry, £560, Jewel Street Leopard Print Mules, Dorateymur, £587, Farfetch

This outfit idea is possibly my favourite of the three. It has a lot of current trends mashed together but is very wearable and would make you look stylish but effortless at the same time. The Rebecca Minkoff handbag is in my favourite shade of pink ever and it looks so soft I would most likely stroke it. The leopard print mules are something I never considered before until I found these and fell in love with them so I might get myself a pair. Gingham is a must right now and mixed with the mini skirt, you get most of the current trends rolled into one while looking like a super stylish fashionista.

The next outfit I wanted to share with you is this simple-but-effective combination of gingham in an unexpected colour in a form of high-waisted trousers that will give everyone the illusion of an even smaller waist than you already have and that shape of trousers tend to make everyone’s bum look like they’ve spent the last week running up and down the stairs (when all you’ve done is walk to the fridge while wearing your duvet). The floral embroidered shirt could be paired with basically everything: be it jeans for a casual day out, trousers or pencil skirt for work or worn under a cami-dress for the effortless fashion girl look. The mules are bright pink and kind of over-the-top ugly but if you’d have seen some of the things I pick up and wear, you’d realise that it’s not what you wear but how you wear it that makes the outfit. That’s how I know they’re perfect in their ugliness.

Wide Lapel Belted Coat, Max Mara, £2.315, Farfetch Mesh Panel Floral Embroidered Blouse, £20, Zaful Suede Leather Decollete, Gucci, £563, Tessabit Burgundy Tapered Jacquard Trousers, The 2nd Skin Co, £298, Runway2Street Olimpia Leather Satchel, Valentino by Mario Valentino, £344, Nordstorm Rack

The last outfit I put together for you today is a bit more wild and possibly a bit less office appropriate (you know, with the hat and denim) unless you work in a cool fashion company, of course. I just know it wouldn’t exactly fly at my work. But it could definitely be worn to a meal out with friends or a shopping trip or basically anywhere else other than work.

Wide Brim Wool Floppy Hat, £20, Absolute Divas Shoulder Bag, Dolce & Gabbana, £1,450, Tessabit Patchwork Pencil Skirt, £102, BCBGMAXAZRIA Wrap Effect Striped Ribbed Silk Top, Etro, £670, Net-a-porter Red Heart Classic Heel, Melissa Vivienne Westwood, £165, Hurley Image Map

While putting these together I found a brilliant online shop called Hurley which has brilliant kids’ and adult clothing and designer clothing at low prices (I may have ordered Alaska some wellies but shh).

Which one is your favourite outfit? Which one would you like to wear and where? Let me know in the comments!


Thanks for reading,



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  1. Glad about Alaska’s health ❤ can't wait to see your kitchen this weekend! And I'd totally wear the middle outfit but defo not with pink shoes 😉 not really my colour! xxx


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