Procrastination-ridden writer’s block and how I (finally!) snapped out of it


I’ve been stuck in a rut, a writer’s block, a completely unmotivated few weeks of my life where apparently, I couldn’t string a sentence that would make sense or that anyone (including myself) would want to read.

I’m not even sure what this post will be about but since I feel like I can finally write, I will write whatever comes to me.

Getting out of this unexplained shit-hole has been stressing me out more than you can imagine. I had so much time to create quality content and I just couldn’t.

Finally, after spending the bigger part of forever on Pinterest, looking at ‘simple’ DIY projects I will never do and healthy meals for toddlers Alaska would never touch, I couldn’t even be bothered to go on there. Then I remembered about Bloglovin’. Three days of browsing and reading other people’s blogs every spare second and here I am, writing again and loving it too!


On that note, I might share a couple of my favourites that are really worth mentioning because the blogs (and mostly, the writers behind them) have helped me to get over this weird, annoying affliction.

First up will be a blog I visited, once, in 2015 which I spent months and months since looking for and finally realised the post I was trying to find again was Barefoot Blonde. I didn’t realise her gorgeous kids would be the age they are now as last time I saw her blog she was pregnant with an adorable two-year-old kissing her bump. My absolutely favourite thing about this blog is the raw, beautiful photography capturing the simple but oh so heart-warming moments. Give it a browse and you’ll be hooked like me, always awaiting new beautiful pictures and stories.

Another blog that has got me through writer’s block is Hannah Gale’s witty, real easy-to-read style of writing. Nothing more to it than reading Hannah’s writing will suck you in for hours on end and by the end of your reading session, you will think of Hannah as one of your friends.

Those girls are my absolute favourite bloggers and if you guys want to see more of my reccommendations on here, let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoy their blogs and mine! Now that I can write again, expect greatness (lol, or at least more than one post a month).

Thanks for reading,

Klaudia xo

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Sometimes it can be so hard to get started writing again, but I’m sure you’ll find it easier once you’re in the habit =)


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