Christmas Gift Guide: Boyfriend

As promised, the next gift guide is here! If you missed my last Christmas Gift Guide aimed at all of you who have little people in your life, you can read it here.

Christmas Gift Guide (2).jpg

Most boyfriends are either extremely hard to buy things for, or extremely easy to buy things for. It all depends on how long you’ve been together and then what you’re both into, what you do together and so on.

This guide is definitely the hardest one to do, purely because when I pick out presents for people, I always want them to be thought through. So every person I gift for, I make sure they get something they will love. Not just like. Not unwrap, give a fake smile and re-gift it to someone once Christmas magic is gone but love.

As long as you know what your boyfriend/partner/husband likes, you’re good to go. This guide is here to jot your brain on what’s out there and what they could love. Yes, get him some socks, every man seems to eat his socks when you’re not looking so they always need them but also get them something they will really love.

Here we go.

Avengers framed Marvel print of Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor, £30, Etsy
beard comb.jpg
Personalised Beard Comb, £5.67, Etsy
flash converse.jpg
The Flash Custom Painted Converse, £115.38, Etsy
Library Card Phone Case, £12.15, Etsy
Whisky Chemistry Glass, £15.34, Etsy
LIFT Mini Laptop + Desktop Riser, £56.64, Etsy
Take Your Top Off Wall Mounted Bottle Opener, £30.48, Etsy
Breville Blend-Active Blender (White/Blue), £18.04, John Lewis
John Lewis Moose Print Brushed Cotton Lounge Pants (Red), £28, John Lewis
Ted Baker Morris Check Moccasin Suede Slippers (Green), £55, John Lewis
Talisker ‘Gentle’ Classic Malt Whisky (box of 3), £40, John Lewis
John Lewis Bark Cheese Markers (set of 5), £12, John Lewis

I think I have covered most boyfriends here: the foodies, the nerds, the stylish ones… So take your pick or be inspired by my choices and find something perfect for your other half!

As I’ve said previously, if you have someone specific to gift this Christmas but have no idea what to get them, or where to even start; feel free to send me an email on and I’m sure we’ll find something for them together!


Thanks for reading,

Klaudia xo

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