Christmas Gift Guide: Toddler

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Long time no speak! Feel like it’s been forever even though it’s been 4 weeks. I’m not the one to dwell on how long it’s been so let’s get going with this, shall we?

Today, I wanted to share one of the seven upcoming Christmas Gift Guides. Who’s excited for Christmas?! I know I am! We may have put our Christmas tree up at the end of November but I was just too excited. You probably think that’s ridiculous but I’m the one sat next to my Christmas tree with the snowmen-shaped lights on so who’s laughing now?

A couple of years ago, when I was completely new to Pinterest (how did I live without it before, I honestly don’t know), I found an article about people buying other people too many presents and it being unfair on people who have less and rarara. The one thing I really remembered from it though was:

Something you want,
Something you need,
Something to wear,
Something to read.

I think that putting four thoughtful presents under the tree is better than raiding the gift section in Boots, buying 17297042 bubble bath sets for the same person. Don’t get me wrong, I personally love bubble bath sets but apparently there are people who prefer other things so before you go mad in the 3 for 2 deal, have a think about what would really make them feel like you thought about their present.

Today’s guide is all about toddlers presents so let’s get off the topic of Boots 3 for 2 anyway because there isn’t much you can get in there for kids (unless you buy yourself some sort of alcoholic gift set and label it ‘Mummy’s Good Mood Juice’ and give it to your kid. No judgement).

Something you want obviously requires asking your toddler what they want but make sure you ask months in advance, then never again until next year because the answer will be different every day and unless you own Toys ‘r’ Us, you won’t get your kid what they asked 2 minutes before they open their presents on Christmas Morning.

For us, Alaska has asked for a tea set and Magiclip dolls which are safely stored in the cupboard by ‘Santa’ (that’s the name I go by when I buy ridicilous things in shops).

Things your toddler will ask you for this year probably include:

  • Some sort of annoying messy toy (or Play Doh as some people call it)
  • A ‘set’ of tiny, annoying items that by the end of the day will be everywhere. I mean everywhere: you get into bed and there’s a Tsum Tsum under your head and a Barbie shoes trying to make its way into your ass.
  • An overly loud ‘musical’ toy that plays 12 equally annoying songs that will pierce through your soul for years to come (or until the batteries die and you hide it far away from your child so your soul can regenerate)
  • A huge, mostly useless toy that costs around as much as your house and car put together that your child will play with for about two minutes before they spend hours playing with the tiny piece of shit toy you got them in Poundland a week ago to keep them quiet.

Out of those, I do recommend picking wisely. Toys that entertain your child while you have a cup of tea are always good, but so are toys that don’t make sounds or mess. Carefully think about how much time you really want to spend on Christmas Day with a drill and a YouTube tutorial on how to put the Ice Palace together and get your kid 10 tubs of Play Doh and a splash mat.

My favourite toys that fall into the want/need category (want and need is the same thing to a toddler) are these:

Lalaloopsy Tree House, £19.99, Bargain Crazy
Despicable Me Play Doh Stamp N Roll, £6.99, Bargain Crazy
A to Z Doctor Play Set My 1st Aid Medical Kit, £6.99, Bargain Crazy
garage petrol station playset.jpg
Garage Petrol Station Playset, £11.99, Bargain Crazy
ELC Wooden Dinner Set, £14.99, Bargain Crazy
Play Doh Burger Barbecue Set, £9.49, John Lewis
Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations, £8.99, John Lewis
Play Doh Disney Princess Belle’s Blooming Castle, £9.99, John Lewis
John Lewis Cash Register, £20.00, John Lewis
John Lewis Mini Kitchen, £60.00, John Lewis
John Lewis 120 Piece Train Set, £60.00, John Lewis
John Lewis Wooden Doll’s House – Lechford House, £100, John Lewis
Peppa Pig Day in the Park Playset (exclusive to John Lewis), £29.99, John Lewis
ELC Happyland Fairy House, £20, John Lewis

I think the toys I have selected give you a good idea of what your toddler will love, depending on what they’re into, of course. Once you’re done with the needs and wants, something to wear is next on the list. Here’s a selection of some special clothes your little spawn will love to wear.

First up are girls’ clothes since I obviously have more experience looking at those.

Angel & Rocket Girls’ Sequin Dress (Grey), £50, John Lewis
Angel & Rocket Girls’ Sequin Bodice Dress (Navy), £50, John Lewis
John Lewis Girls’ Sequin Body Dress (Green), £35-£40, John Lewis
Rockahula Glitter Reindeer Antlers Alice Band (Multi), £8, Rockahula
Meri Meri Days of the Week Slide Hair Grips (multi), £7.50, John Lewis
fat face childrens deer saddle bag.jpg
Fat Face Children’s Deer Saddle Bag (Dusky Pink), £12.50, John Lewis
Angel & Rocket Girls’ Penguin Knit Jumper (Gray), £32, John Lewis

With it being festive season, every girl needs some sparkle in her life. These are just my few favourites from the gorgeous selection of clothes at John Lewis. Honestly, I want them all for Alaska. I also looked at the boys’ clothing selection which I’m so not used to. I have picked out a few adorable bits to give you an idea of what special clothes you could get your kids for Christmas.

Polarn O. Pyret Children’s Pyjamas (Quetzal Green), £24, John Lewis
frugi organic boys striped vans sweater.jpg
Frugi Organic Boys’ Striped Vans Sweatshirt (Navy/Cream), £26, John Lewis
John Lewis Children’s Space Craft Pyjamas (Pack of 2, Blue), £20-£22, John Lewis
Hatley Boys' DInosaur Raincoat Navy.jpg
Hatley Boys’ Dinosaur Raincoat (Navy), £32, John Lewis
polarn o. pyret children's ghost.jpg
Polarn O. Pyret Children’s Ghost Pyjamas (Blue/White), £22, John Lewis
Little Joule Children’s Dinosaur Mittens (Green), £14.95, John Lewis

So here you have my picks for this Christmas for your toddler. Before you buy an extremely annoying musical toy or something along the lines, think about how much you really want to have the Peppa Pig theme tune play out in your head while you fall asleep every night until you die.

Happy shopping and if you have any particular requests or get really stuck on what to get for anybody in the world, leave a comment or send me an email on and I’m more than happy to help!

Thanks for reading,

Klaudia xo

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