7 Things To Do With Your Toddler

It’s August which means the dreaded time for parents – summer holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my little girl but trying to entertain a two year old for every minute of 6 weeks is a task that’s going to be difficult. I’m looking forward to seeing my girl’s happy face as she explores the world with me but if I didn’t have anything planned I would get so frustrated with her!


If you’re in the same boat and aren’t sure what to say when your hyperactive bundle of joy says ‘Mummaaaaayy, I’m bored. What are we gonna do now?’. Get your tomato-sauce stained notepad out and jot them down! If you want to go full-on Pinterest-mum on this, you could write them on seperate pieces of paper and stick them in a jar, so when your kid says ‘I’m bored’ they can pick out an idea from the jar.

Star Gazing
It’s 10pm, but your child feels the need to shout ‘I’m awake’ and ‘I’m not tired’ every two seconds to really make it sink in. You start to daydream about those childless summer nights you could have done anything like star gaze, sleep, party… Oh wait, stargazing can actually be done with kids and it’s so relaxing! The best places to lay while you stargaze are in a paddling pool filled with pillows and cushions and duvets and blankets and overall coziness or in a trampoline with some bedding as well. You could play dot-to-dot with the stars and try come up with what they could make, talk about dreams or count the stars; the opportunities are endless and these are the sort of meaningful conversations you will remember and cherish! So get those blankets out and look up!

Moon sand is a good idea too! Just keep it out of the house (and out of your carpets!)

Plant something
Literally, anything. Your kids will love playing with the dirt, finding bugs and doing something different. We planted strawberries a month or so ago and seeing Alaska’s face when we found the first strawberry that was ready to be picked was priceless. We picked it and she ate it in about 2 seconds but she loved the whole experience. I like how she had to be patient to finally get it in the end and it really worked out great. She had so much fun learning the whole process of how plants grow and waiting for the final fruit that can be eaten.
If you don’t know where to start, buy an already potted and growing plant (strawberries are super easy to grow), then water it every day with a mini-watering can and watch your child smile in joy!


Play dress up
Despite what you might think, this isn’t directed at just girls. Any child loves to pretend to be someone else and looking goofy while they do it! So get face paints out, some scarves, sunglasses and jewellery and get your style on! Get really into it with them and let your child dress you in whatever they want, they will get so much happiness out of it and you can take some funny pictures together to treasure for years to come (and maybe show their future boyfriends/girlfriends just to get them back for all the sleepless nights and tantrums!).


As fun as kids find it to just have a picnic with their mummies/daddies/friends, make a whole day out of it! Go shopping, let your child pick out some picnic accessories (paper/plastic plates and cups, blanket etc) and then pick out some food you can make together. With plenty of ideas for picnic foods you can make with your kids, go home and cook your picnic food together! Even if it gets a bit messy (it will, no matter what); you will both enjoy the food you made together so much more!


Days out
If you feel like you can’t spend another day watching Peppa Pig and hoovering your house 50 times, a day out with kids is always full of (exhausting) fun. Check out your area for things to do with your kids and I’m sure you’ll find plenty! I’ll be posting about all the things that are available to do in my area but just google ‘child-friendly things to do in …’ and you’ll find plenty!


Disney film day
One of the things you definitely have to do for at least one day in the summer (especially on a rainy day) is stay in your pajamas. For the whole day. Get the duvets on the sofa, get some snacks ready, cuddle up and chain-watch loads of Disney films. They’re the best and I enjoy them as much as Alaska does (if not more!).


Pamper day
Last but definitely not least is a pamper day! You may have seen Alaska’s adorable mermaid nails on my Instagram and I absolutely adore our pamper days! We usually have a long bubble bath to start with, then chill out in out turbans and dressing gowns and paint our nails. We put moisturizer on (facemasks) and have lots of cuddles while watching girlie films. Alaska loves it and any child who likes a bit of pampering would too!

I hope one of these ideas makes at least one of your summer holidays a bit more fun for both of you! We’ll keep you updated on our summer holidays and there’s a post coming up with things to do in my area (North Yorkshire, UK). Let me know what your boredom-killers are!

Thanks for reading!


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