Seaside Getaway

Welcome back everyone, can’t believe it’s been two months since my last post! More on reasons why in another post, today, I wanted to tell you about our family holiday to Scarborough. Let’s get to it!


A few weeks ago after talking to Liam, we decided that we want to get away for a few days and spend some quality family time without work and life getting in the way. We picked Scarborough on a whim and after getting some Groupons, getting pissed off with them because they turned out to not actually work, we decided to leave the Groupons and book a hotel. But because we had certain dates booked off of work, we couldn’t go to the hotel we wanted so I rang every decent hotel in Scarborough and finally found us a nice room.


A month later, after a week of packing everything we needed, off we went! You probably don’t know this but neither me or Liam drive so our trip was more exciting for Alaska (and a bit more stressful for us) because we got the train there. We arrived on the Monday, got to our room and the bathroom was… well, less than we hoped for (and less than we paid for). So after a quick chat with the reception staff, we made our way to our new, penthouse, seaview room which was a lot nicer and the bathroom had a spa bath.


After briefly unpacking and getting changed, we went down to the beach which was right outside our hotel and walked and explored for a few hours. It was absolutely lovely, even if it was quite windy. We even went into the sea! It was freezing obviously, but it was an experience ha ha.




After exploring for a bit, we went back to the hotel to get out of our wet shoes and went back out to have some dinner. Liam sampled fish and chips in just about every restaurant we went to and I tried a huge variety of (mostly) gorgeous meals.



We were recommended Harry Ramsden’s by a friend so we made our way there, right on the beach, the interior was very welcoming as well. The food left a lot to wish for though, I had the New Yorker burger which was meant to be served in a bagel, it wasn’t. The chicken was rubbery and seemed undercooked so I wasn’t risking getting ill on the first day and ate the rest of it. Alaska’s children’s meal was obviously made for older children, the chicken nuggets were mostly batter and they were so hard to eat she ended up only eating the chips. Liam’s fish was mostly batter. Overall, the service and the place were lovely but the food left A LOT to wish for.


After dinner, we walked around Scarborough to get the feel of it a bit more and then went back to our hotel room because we were all tired. After lovely bubble baths, some CBeebies and eating snacks while seagull-watching, Alaska finally went to sleep on a single bed. We sat around reading books and had an early night because all that travelling left us knackered.


On our second day, we had pre-booked tickets to Sea Life – an aquarium. After a quick glance on Google Maps, I decided it’s not that far and instead of getting a taxi there like we planned to, we set off to walk there. We walked down the Pier, getting some breakfast at the most charming 1950s style restaurant ever – Harbour Bar. We had a lovely selection of food and even though the portions were quite small and pricey for what they were, we had a lovely breakfast and the whole place was just so gorgeous and well serviced!



Then, we set off on the ‘short walk’ down to Sea Life, walking along the beach. It was meant to take about half an hour according to my clearly-not-so-amazing map reading skills. After two hours of walking in the wind and occasional rain (topped with heavy hail at the end), we finally got there.


We walked around for a couple of hours, looking at all sorts of sea creatures and even touched a starfish! Towards the end, we encountered some penguins which were being trained and they absolutely loved me (or maybe just my skirt) and they were biting me and I stroked them and omg it was the best thing ever!


We then had lunch at the on-site restaurant and it was the best food we had since getting there! After getting some lunch, instead of walking back like crazy people, we got a taxi back to town and walked around shopping for a few hours. Then, we went into a restaurant that looked cozy and comfortable and it turned out to be the beautiful food Mecca.


I had the most gorgeous sweet potato and feta lasagne while Liam had fish and chips but my God, was it good. The desserts were amazing as well. We may have gone to that restaurant like every day for the rest of our stay ooops.



We spent the rest of the day on the beach, building sandcastles and playing in the sand with Alaska, which she absolutely loved! Once it started to rain, we went back to the hotel (it was getting late anyway), waited out the rain, shook all the sand off of us and went back to the beautiful restaurant to have some dinner. We spent our evening in the hotel, having lots of fun and feeding the seagulls out of the window.


The next day, Alaska’s grandparents came and picked her up to take her to their house for a night while me and Liam got some alone time. We walked up to town, went out for breakfast at Mister Milo’s which we stumbled upon while walking through town centre. The food was gorgeous! I had a jacket potato and Liam had a panini. We ordered some English muffins with grilled tomatoes to share and it was all absolutely gorgeous.



We then walked around for a bit and went to the arcades on the Pier, to gamble for a bit ha ha. If you’re wondering why we didn’t take Alaska to the arcades, it’s because we didn’t want her to see lots of things there was no way of getting or even touching and being very dissapointed in the end. So we went by ourselves and ended up winning Alaska a Snow White stuffed doll. Then we went on a huge walk up and down cliffs by the sea and it was lovely.



We made our way back up to town just in time for lunch and we sat in a lovely quiet cafe, eating gorgeous paninis and reading books. We spent the rest of our night playing air hockey in our hotel and it was absolutely brilliant, we got so competetive and had a great laugh together.


The next day we got the train home in the morning and tidied the house a bit before my dad dropped Alaska back off with us.

Overall, we had an absolute blast, even if Alaska had A LOT of tantrums over the three days (including a 20 minute screaming session in a restaurant because we wouldn’t let her drink vinegar and a 10 minute crying fit because she didn’t like the big turtle at Sea Life).

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies, let me know in the comments!

Klaudia xo

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