Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Springtime is nowhere to be seen, it’s still absolutely bloody freezing which makes me wish I booked a holiday for this time and could escape to a lovely hot beach where I can sip on cocktails while Alaska plays in the sand.

But no, I’m stuck in this it’s-snowing-but-not-really-it’s-raining kind of England. “Spring” is my least favourite season because of this weather, it’s seriously annoying to leave the house when it’s sunny to find that five minutes later it’s raining and you didn’t bring your umbrella because it was sunny.

Enough of my rambling though, this post is for the lucky ones who do get to escape this shitty weather and lay on the beach all day, shop in duty-free to your heart’s content and have lie-ins in some fancy hotel.



Packing for the holidays is always a struggle and even with Pinterest’s help, you have about 13546876354 lists on what the absolute necessities you have to bring with you are. Which would basically mean that you end up with 27 suitcases and a huge fee to pay at the airport. So here it is, the capsule wardrobe of everything you need for your holiday!


Shift Dress Caged Back Vest Bardot Crop Top Striped Blazer Frilled Aztec Print Midkini Floral Shorts Ripped Knee Disco Jeans Printed Shorts Striped Heels High Tops Sandals Satchel Bag Clutch Earrings Necklace Geometric Rings

Of course, you need to alter it for what activities you’ve got planned, the amount of time you’re going for etc… but the biggest thing to take out of this is that you should come up with a colour scheme and stick to it. That way you can mix & match whatever you’re doing, regardless of any weather changes.

To make your suitcase lighter, always wear your biggest, heaviest jacket to the airport, you can take it off after customs and it saves so much space in your suitcase! Here’s a selection of gorgeous jackets which will keep you warm and spice up your outfit a bit!

Extra bikinis are always a good idea to bring just in case the dye turns out to not be waterproof or if the stitching rips on one of them. They don’t take up much space at all either!

I hope you enjoyed this post and for those of you who are going on holiday, fuck you. I want to go on holiday too. But seriously, enjoy yourselves and let me know in the comments where you’re going!


Thanks for reading,

Klaudia xo

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