Christmas Gift Guide: Toddler

We’ve had the guide for women in their 20s and now it’s time for toddlers! As all of you now by now, I have started a Christmas Gift Guide and this week’s guide is for your little princesses and princes!

Depending on the age, I’m sure your little ones are begging you for some sort of Paw Patrol/Frozen/Doc McStuffins related junk, but aside from all the branded things, I’m sure you’d want to get them something they will enjoy for a bit longer than the latest craze.

Christmas Gift Guide Toddlers

So here they are, gift ideas for your little boys and girls! They’re obviously for different stages of toddlerhood but whether your little one is almost-just-about-to take their first steps or is a talking, walking machine full of energy, I’m sure you’ll find something for them!


Starting with The Adventure Bus, it’s an absolutely lovely toy which Alaska actually has and when we were out shopping and picked it up for her I didn’t think she would like it that much but always worth a try. Not only does she like it, but she absolutely loves it! We got it when she was just over a year I think and she absolutely adores it! It’s one of the only toys that she really does play with daily. She loads her little animals into it, role plays with them (for now, they always say ‘I love you’ to each other and kiss and cuddle, how cute is that!). She used to have an obsession with pressing the buttons on it, then opening and shutting doors, then loading the animals into it and now she’s growing up to the age it’s actually meant for and pushes it around and pretends they go on holiday or to the shop. She’s so cute I want to cry sometimes lol. It truly is a great toy and will really really last your child a long time and a lot of fun filled moments!

Hand puppets are another favourite in our house, put one on, sing a nursery rhyme while moving the puppet and your kid will be amazed!

Wooden food is another household favourite. Alaska adores the ones that stick to each other with velcro and can be ‘cut’ apart with a knife. They’re also really sturdy and will basically never break (but it fucking hurts if your child plays catch with them, just giving you all a heads up). If your kid is really into throwing maybe the soft fabric vegetables from IKEA will be a better choice.

Along the lines of cooking, the adorable minature coffee set from IKEA is fab if you have the big version, your mini-me can play pretend with their minature cups and plates ❤ Wouldn’t reccommend it until they’re about 3-4 though because the dishes are actually breakable.

If you’re more into retro looking stuff, this kitchen will be your little girl’s dream! It’s so gorgeous and would compliment my kitchen really well. We already have a play kitchen for Alaska though so maybe we’ll upgrade when she gets a bit bigger . I love the little touches on it though, the baby blue and red and white gingham, it’s dreamy!

I’m so in love with all these toys, wish I hadn’t done Alaska’s Christmas and birthday shopping already! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Klaudia xo

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