Everything You Need For A Cozy Day In

As I’ve mentioned before I prefer quality over quantity on my blog and can never bring myself to post a half-arsed blog post that I don’t love. That’s why, there hasn’t been a post here on Thursday. I’ve been so busy with pre-Halloween prep and lots of personal things (including meeting some amazing ladies and their little ones!) that I had no time to produce quality content. Now I’m back with double power, and actually working on changing the whole look of the blog so get ready!

There will be lots and lots of changes coming up on the blog so stay tuned and follow my social media accounts to stay updated!

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Now that you’re all up to date on my whereabouts, let’s get to today’s post:

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The constant thick fog outside makes me feel like I’m in a British episode of Ravenswood but all it means is that the transition from Autumn to Winter is really happening. If you’re like me, on days like that, the only thing you want to do is cuddle up under a blanket (or five) and binge watch Netflix. Today, I wanted to share my favourite finds to create the perfect, cozy night (or day) in.


For a start, blankets. Yes, you do need about ten in case your heating goes bust (like ours seems to at least twice every winter) or in case you want to feel extra snug. Or you know, build a blanket fort or something. Here are my favourite picks, I could have carried on up to a hundred but decided to stop it at nine. And if you’re not obsessed with every piece of homeware with pom poms on it, don’t even bother with me. Like, how can you not?! Especially furry pom poms, they’re an absolute dream. All these blankets make me feel so cozy just thinking about them, mmmm.

1. Anthropologie, £128 2. Zinc Door, £38 3. Kohl’s, £15 4. Aha Life, £580 5. Bliss Home & Design, £49 6. Target, £16 7. Arcade Avec, £580 8. Kirkland’s, £16 9. Bohemia, £115


For complete comfort while you’re spending quality time with Netflix, you need lots of cushions to make you all comfy and so that you can have a cushion under every part of your body and one to hug during scary moments in American Horror Story. Here are my picks, they’re all so pretty!

1. Pillow Decor, £56 2. Elvang, £45 3. Luca + Belle, £51 4. DwellStudio, £70 5. Designer’s Eye, £78 6. ZGallerie, £97 7. Multiyork, £45 8. Anthropologie, £78 9. Anthropologie, £78


To make your night in even more cozy and enjoyable, lighting a few candles always helps. The gorgeous smells are released, they look pretty on your coffee table and there’s just something about candlelight that makes me feel calm and collected. I don’t know how, but candles relax me and seriously make me feel better about life lol. Anyway, here are my picks:

1. Mario Luca Giusti, £109 2. P.F. Candle Co., £13 3. Kate Spade New York, £19 4. Diptyque, £21 5. Dot & Bo, £7 6. Tom Dixon, £56 7. Jonathan Adler, £29


Of course, to be truly in comfortable laying on your pile of stylish cushions, buried under five million blankets and creating fire hazards in every scent imaginable, you’re going to need to be dressed in something truly comfortable. I realised that when someone comes over and I’m still in my pajamas, I’d like them to be stylish and not look like they’ve been around longer than me. I do sometimes mix it up both ways though, like an ACDC T-shirt and some silk pajama trousers. There is reasons why my style can’t be summed up in one category. I picked out some absolutely gorgeous pajama sets that would make you feel like Queen B herself. No, my obsession with Gossip Girl never ends, #sorrynotsorry.

1. Journelle, £145 2. Flora Nikrooz, £44 3. Skin, £70 4. H&M, £12.99 5. Topshop, £26 6. Agent Provocateur, £225 7. River Island, £18

Along with all these things you obviously need things to watch, find my list of shows you need to watch or re-watch ASAP here. Obviously, for a real Netflix and chill, you also need… lots of junk food or money for take-away and you’re all set!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know what your tips for the best possible day/night in are? Are you a blanket or a duvet person? What are you watching at the time? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you guys!

Thanks for reading my lovelies and to stay updated on all the changes, follow me on:

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Thanks for reading,

Klaudia xo


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