How To Stay Warm In Style

I have to admit, after a week of foggy, rainy days, it is officially sweater weather. I wanted to help you gals out with ideas on how to stylishly wear a jumper and where to get your perfect cozy friend from!

Like every other person in the world, let’s be honest here, I love a good warm jumper. I mean there’s nothing better than putting on your favourite knit and spending some quality time with the Internet and Neflix. Especially if you’re tired and feel kind of cold, wearing a jumper is like wearing a blanket and getting warm cuddles at the same time, win. But how to make your jumper look stylish when you’re out and about? I’ll show you my three favourite ways today.

The Vintage Jumper

My favourite vintage jumper actually came from a thrift shop in Poland years and years ago and it cost me less than a pound. Now, that’s a steal. It’s so warm and cozy and possibly may have been made for old men who wear them over shirts, like I care. I wear mine when I’m lounging around but if I need to go somewhere quickly but don’t fancy getting out of my cozy dream of a jumper, I tuck it into my rolled up mom jeans, pull the V-neck over my shoulders and voila, a bare shoulder, stylish but cozy look, woo! I throw my favourite black patent pointed toe heels on and I’m ready to go!

Jumper – Etsy, £24; Mom Jeans – TOPSHOP MOTO, £40; Shoes – Bebe, £60; Earrings – Marc by Marc Jacobs, £40; Necklace – ASOS, £8

The Baggy Jumper

Wearing an oversized baggy jumper when you’re lounging around is just a dream but how to pull a slouchy jumper off when you’re going out? Wear it over a pencil skirt! Yes, you read me right, throw on your favourite baggy jumper, mine is pastel green from Topshop, and wear it with a pencil skirt, I usually go for a plain bottle green bodycon pencil skirt. Top it off with a statement necklace and some heels and voila!

Jumper – Romwe, £12; Bracelet – Halcyon Days, £105; Necklace – Emi Jewellery, £15; Skirt – Yumi, £32; Earrings – Chanel; Boots – Forever 21, £26

The Patterned Jumper

If you want to be warm but still make a statement with your outfit, a loud patterned jumper is the one for you! And I don’t mean one of those awful Christmas jumpers with reindeers all over it but a nice patterned one. My favourite is a button-down front pink and orange leopard print jumper from Karen Millen. I just realised how disgusting it sounds ha ha, attaching a picture to prove that it’s actually nice. Pair it with another pattern or a similar coloured skirt and you’re good to go and still warm!

Sounds bad in writing but is dreamy when you see it ❤
Jumper – Equipment, £105; Skirt – LUCLUC, £12; Hat – Lanvin, £580; Shoes – Casadei, £370; Earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane, £142

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know which one is your favourite. How do you wear your favourite jumper? Let me know in the comments or over social media:

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Thanks for reading,

Klaudia xo

*I will be adding photos to this post but I’m still waiting for a camera to use other than the one my phone. Sorry guys xo*

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