Benefit Air Patrol Review

Something new, different and exciting on my blog today: my first beauty post! Whenever I try a product, I do usually look for opinions other people have about it and if it actually works like it’s meant to.

img_4340 ed

This review is for you in case you’re on the fence about getting the new product from BenefitAir Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer! As usual, with Benefit products, the first thing we all notice is the gorgeous, to-die-for packaging, or am I the only one who needs every single one of their products just to stare at and use as decoration? Yes? Oops…

Anyway, on to what’s in the tube.

I wanted to start with saying that I basically never wear eye shadow, mostly because it would most probably end up being used as paint by Alaska, but I do wear eye liner most days. I sometimes only wear mascara, like when I go with a really bold lip for daytime.

With these habits, I decided to use the Air Patrol Primer with nothing else on my eyelids and with eye liner. I tested the primer under eye liner and even though I didn’t expect much from it, it really surprised me. It kept my pencil eye liner in place all day. Seriously, I put my make up on at like 8am and after a whole day, at 8pm when I got Alaska to sleep, it was still on point!

img_4347 ed

The primer on its own makes my eyelids smooth and nice and makes the colour on them balanced. I really like how it works more as a moisturiser rather than a part of my usual make-up routine so I now wear it everyday, with the primer on my lods. This might sound strange but it actually makes my eyelids feel all weightless and like I actually got more than 4 hours of sleep. I would definitely recommend this to new mums or super-busy people who don’t have the time to get a full nights sleep every night.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever beauty post and let me know what you think about Air Patrol! Have you used it before? Do you think it would be useful to you?

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Thanks for reading,

Klaudia xo

*This product sample was provided to me by Benefit Cosmetics but all opinions are my own.*

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