The Autumn Tag

I really enjoyed answering the questions for the Liebster Award here so I thought doing another tag would be fun and could help me make some more blogging friends which is always fab. I found this tag on Charlotte’s blog and decided to do it too so you guys can get to know me better, woo!

I also like looking back at these things a few years later and knowing what I liked/disliked and it’s just interesting. Let’s get on with it though:

What is your favourite thing about it?


My birthday is probably the first but that’s over and done with now (I’m officially old) and the second one is Halloween and Christmas. God, I love Halloween, just as much as I love Christmas and I just love all the festivities surrounding it and I seriously start Christmas shopping in September and it’s great because I don’t have to rush and can make sure everyone gets something they want and enjoy. Oh, and nothing better than a hot Starbucks on a cold, rainy day and the new fall cups are to die for!

Favourite Drink?

starbucks fall cups

Coke is always my favourite drink but if it gets so cold that my hand sticks to my can (just kidding, that never happens in England), I tend to go for my second favourite – Starbucks mocha with whipped cream and tons of cinnamon and brown sugar on top of it. Mmmmm, I want one now.

Favourite candle?

I am on the search for a new favourite but my all-time favourite candle is made by Godiva and unsurpringly it smells like chocolate. The most amazing thing about it though is that it doesn’t smell like some crappy half-chocolate, half-wax mix like most chocolate scented candles but it actually smells like chocolate. It’s so intense it literally feels like the air around you is chocolate and you’re in a dream and omg, it’s just the best. Godiva don’t sell them anymore but I managed to find one here for you which is similar to mine.

Best Lipstick?


Recently, while putting together the post about how to wear suede, I found the most beautiful shade of lipstick ever made, it’s Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge Definition lipstick in 294 Le Pourpre. It’s absolutely to die for and on my current wishlist. It’s the perfect shade for fall/winter and I’m just so in love. Last week I also found another perfect lipstick and it’s a lot more affordable and I’ve been wearing it ever since, like I would sleep if my bedding wasn’t white, okay? It’s the Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Shameless 215. It like couldn’t be more perfect, seriously.

Go to moisturiser?

Okay, so being a mum to an overly energetic toddler and working from home is extremely exhausting but I try my best to take wash my face and put on moisturiser morning and night. I use the Rodan & Fields Proactiv+ face wash and moisturiser, you can find the perfect one for your skin here and they’re absolutely incredible and you can see how effective they are from the first use. SO worth it.

Go to colours for the eyes?


Unlike 90% of the world I don’t own a Naked palette and don’t intend to for now, mostly because I don’t have the time to play around with it. I enjoy bold colours on the eyes that match my outfit. I always have black eyeliner on, just a thick line on my eyelid and my whole eye outlined but I also put eyeshadow in a bright colour matching my outfit before the eyeliner to make my eye bolder and more interesting.

Favourite band or singer?

For a couple of months now, the only music playing in my house has been nursery rhymes (the perks of having a toddler) but I love System Of A Down the most as well Panic! At The Disco and Sum 41. They’re my go-to feel-good music to listen to on any given day.

Favourite outfit to wear?

A couple of weeks ago, after months of looking I found my perfect pair of jeans. In the most unexpected place as well, in Primark! I was ready to invest in the perfect pair of jeans and after trying on hundreds of pairs, I finally found one. My perfect Mom jeans, I’ve been wearing them every day except from when they’re in the wash and they’re just perfection. I love dressing them up with a striped shirt, some black pointed heels and wearing my cape coat over it to create a chic but simple look.

Autumn Treat?

PSL PSL PSL, do I need to say anything else?! Chocolate is also the obvious choice for cuddling up on the sofa on chilly autumn nights.

Favourite place to be?

DSCF8727 - Copy

Snuggled up on my sofa with Liam, watching old Simpsons episode or having a Netflix and chill night. Under five hundred blankets with lots of chocolate, obviously.

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Thanks for reading lovelies,

Klaudia xo


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