5 Things That De-Stress Me After a Tiring Day


I’m sure every person, or at least every parent, feels overwhelmed some days and they just can’t wait for the day to be over so they can sit down and relax. I’m on a little break in between jobs at the minute so I guess I’m a stay-at-home mum for the time being. I know a lot of people think stay-at-home mums have it so easy but until you are a stay-at-home parent, you have no idea. I won’t go into the whole who’s got it better, who’s got it worse thing which everyone always argues about, I’ll just leave it at that: you have no idea.


At the end of the day filled with 273939287 tantrums; endless times of watching the same film; 5 meals thrown on the floor and tidying up every room 94723088 times after a little hurricane called Alaska has gone through them, I need a break. It’s as simple as that, but when she goes to bed at night, it’s the time of the day when I can feel like a person, not just a mother and do things that I enjoy. Things that I want to do, not things that I have to do because of my little dictator. I thought you guys might enjoy reading what I enjoy to do and get to know me a bit better because of it.

1. Food


Pretty obvious, right? Like everybody loves food so it’s not a shocker but for me, to have a meal where I can sit down and just eat it in peace, without a certain little person grabbing my fork and running away with it, is just amazing. The first thing I do when Alaska is asleep for the night is make loads of food, tonight it’s a bowl of blueberries, Cadbury’s Caramel Nibbles and a cheese stuffed-crust pizza <3, all alongside a big glass of Coke.

2. ‘Me’ Time


A huge thing that makes me feel more like a person is some ‘me’ time. I usually start by running myself a hot bubble bath, lighting up my favourite Godiva candle (mmmmm, it smells like chocolate) and sitting in it until I’m about to fall asleep. I just love baths so much ❤ I then wash my face using the Rodan & Fields Daily Scrub and put some sort of face mask on, my current favourite is the Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Face Mask from Holland&Barrett. After putting it on, I lay on the sofa and talk to my boyfriend and it’s just so relaxing.

3.  Couple time

Throwback to our first walk with Alaska <3
Throwback to our first walk with Alaska ❤

Speaking of my boyfriend, as parents, it’s nice to spend some time by ourselves as a couple so me and Liam spend some time together every night, watching TV shows that we only watch together (at the minute, we’re re-watching The Simpsons); talking and cuddling and it’s just so nice to lay in someone’s arms after a tiring and stressful day.

4. Housework


This one might seem strange but I really enjoy having a clean and tidy house and with a toddler it’s very hard to achieve, but I always make sure my house is clean and tidy at least at one point during the day and at night so that it’s nice and tidy for the next day. Not only do I enjoy living in a clean house, I enjoy making it one. Seriously, washing up is probably one of the most relaxing things to do ever, it completely de-stresses me. It’s like all the stress just goes down the drain. There’s housework I absolutely hate doing ironing but for the most part, I enjoy living in a clean home and home-making really does de-stress me, even if I am more tired in the end because of it.

5. And of course, blogging!


Don’t worry, blogging would be the first thing on my list but I do usually eat etc. before I start blogging. I just love the community of the blogging world and I love reading other people’s blogs and seeing what they’ve been up to (and what they wore doing it) and it makes me relax completely. I have been struggling with writers’ block for the last week but I think that’s passed with this post and writing blog posts for you guys really does relax me and make me happy, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and what do you do to relax after a long day? Let me know in the comments and come back on Thursday for a new post!

Klaudia xo


  1. Not gonna compare my busy schedule with yours, but after my kind of a busy day (work) I like to cook something nice and chill with my boyfriend watching something. We’re really into true crime shows and documentaries now… Until all my shows start in the autumn 😉

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