4 Things To Start Off My Wish List


The end of my teenage years aka my twentieth birthday is coming up in less than a month D: so I’ve been looking around for things that I like (even if I don’t really need) and found oh-so-many pretty things! So I decided to share them with you, in case you’re stuck for what to treat yourself with your next payday (does anyone actually have a problem with that ha ha).

  1. I found this amazing online store called Happiness Boutique and I want just about everything off of there. The jewellery sold there is incredible, it’s statement earrings in every shape and colour and they’re incredible and the prices are great too! I’m looking for the perfect pair of statement earrings and these could be it:

Amazing colours and shapes and oooh they’re just so pretty ❤
2. Leopard Print Shoes

I love leopard print on anything and it’s so big this season! I’ve been looking for some perfect leopard print shoes forever and in the ideal world, I would get these beauties but I live in the real world and these ASOS pretties will just have to do for now!

Valentino Garavani
Valentino Garavani
3. Cape Coat

This one has been on my wishlist like my whole life, ever since I watched Gossip Girl (my all time favourite) and Blair wore this amazing green cape coat, I’ve been looking for one that would be incredible for me and I would just wear it all the time and basically live in it.

The cape I fell in love with ❤
So for this season, I am looking at some cape options like this one, to see if I even like walking around in a huge shapeless coat and if I do, I will invest in something of a better quality next fall.

4. Tartan skirt

Even though the days of me wearing a tartan skirt to school every day are long gone, I have fallen in love with them again and a nice Clueless-like bodycon tartan skirt has to be on my wishlist. They’re so versatile and so easy to wear, they’re the perfect ‘lazy’ piece to throw on and go anywhere in.

Checkered skirts are just fabulous!
Hope you guys enjoyed this quick list and that it inspires you to do some shopping! Come back on Monday for a fresh new post and thanks for reading lovelies!

Klaudia xo


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