Mummy and Daughter OOTD & Happy Graduation To My Sister!


I finally finished Sixth Form with my last exam on Wednesday and started my new, school-less life on Thursday, with an extremely busy day: exhibitions, visits, fashion, Nando’s, family, art and lots of other things happened so let me start at the beginning! 
After a whole afternoon of packing and preparing the day before, me and Alaska were ready within an hour to set off on our adventure! But before we set off, we had to do some food shopping so we quickly raced around in a trolley, dropped it off at home and there we went! Alaska thankfully had a nap in the car so I got to read a bit of a Sophie Kinsella book and have some blueberry muffins for lunch (yum!). After getting slightly lost, we found our way to my sister’s apartment.
We had a bit of a coffee break at hers and gave her her graduation presents because we’ll be on holiday when she graduates and we all set off to see the exhibition featuring her work. She designed a hotel with such incredibly unique structure to it, I was amazed. It just didn’t look like it was possible to make but she assured me that it’s all architecturally correct and in scale and could actually be made in real life, how awesome is that?

    We looked around the whole interior design exhibition and there was some interesting projects but Alaska was totally stealing the show: she started off by stealing a doll house-sized Vitra Panton chair from my sister’s project display and decided to put it on the floor and sit on it which was so hilarious because she just couldn’t understand why she doesn’t fit on it; then it just carried on from there with many adventures for her and a lot of us running after her and putting stuff back on people’s display boards.

      After seeing that exhibition, we went out for lunch at Nando’s with the graduate, her boyfriend and my parents. It was fun and Alaska obviously had to make a mess everywhere as well as saying ‘Hiya!’ to everyone who came in :’) I love her innocence.

  Following our lunch, we had a quick look around some shops but not finding anything interesting, we went to a few more exhibitions, including graphic design, photography and contemporary art. My favourite was contemporary art, some of the work was so simple yet it was sending such a huge message through it, it was incredible.
              Aside from telling you all about our lovely day and saying a huge congratulations to my Bachelor of Arts sister, I wanted to share my outfit with you. I’ve only done one Outfit Of The Day on here so this is quite exciting but it’s making me anxious because I know this outfit isn’t perfect and I’m a perfectionist, but what the hell.

Top – H&M; Skirt – Isabel London; Shoes – Dorothy Perkins, Earrings – Miss Selfridge

    My mint green maxi tulle skirt is one of my current favourites as I found it at the back of my closet a couple of weeks ago. I originally bought it about three years ago and wore it once and then just hung it in my closet and forgot about it and now I’m completely obsessed with it! It may seem like one of those things that you see in a shop and think ‘That’s so lovely but when am I ever going to wear that?’ and the answer is everywhere! It can be dressed up for something more formal with a shirt or dressed down with a t-shirt, the possibilities are endless. I chose to keep it casual by pairing it with a classic Breton top which is a definite staple to any summer closet, it goes with so many things! I finished the look off by putting on some pointed floral flats which have a great mix of bluey-greeny colours on them and I just love them. I couldn’t wear heels because we walked so much and running after Alaska just doesn’t happen in heels ha ha.

Dress – Maggie & Zoe; Top – Next; Tights – George; Shoes – Nutmeg

    Alaska’s outfit was sentimental and formal, with the gorgeous floral Maggie & Zoe dress my sister got her for her first birthday and some red tights and floral shoes. Alaska truly felt special and kept picking up her dress and saying ‘Preddyy’ (‘Pretty’) so it was just adorable.

Congratulations to my Interior Designer of a sister!

IMG_0768 IMG_0775 IMG_0790 IMG_0800 IMG_0803 IMG_0805

Overall, we had a lovely (and tiring) day. Congratulations again to my Interior Designer of a sister!

Let me know what you think in the comments and hope you enjoyed!

Klaudia xo


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