Life Goals and My Plan of Action


Today’s post is going to help you find out a bit more about me and my aspirations and plans. Writing all my aspirations makes me more motivated because it’s like a plan of action, a step-by-step guide to where I want to be in life career-wise.


First off, I’m currently at Sixth Form, doing my A-Levels as I took a year out of school to have my gorgeous daughter Alaska. I’m doing three A-Levels: Textiles, Business and Polish. Textiles was the only fashion related A-level available at my school and it involves 50% of designing and making a garment and making a folder about it; and 50% theory exam about how textiles are made, used, manufactured etc. I love fashion and want to work in the industry and that’s why I chose to do this course. I made this baroque themed outfit (pictured below) and my predicted grade is A*.

All copying of the image and the design within it is strictly prohibited by law and belongs to Klaudia Semeniuk.
All copying of the image and the design within it is strictly prohibited by law and belongs to Klaudia Semeniuk.

I also study Business as I want to open my own business and I did one exam last year even though I wasn’t at Sixth Form for the lessons but I find finances easier than the exam I have to do this year. I’m also doing an A-Level in Polish as I’m Polish and it’s my first language and it will allow me to translate Polish-English as a side job if I ever want to do that or need extra money. This year I’ve got one business exam and so far, in every mock exam, I got full marks so hopefully it will go well. I have four Polish exams which should go well given that I read a book about WW2 as that’s what’s in the exam and get some sleep the night before.

My exams start on the second of June which IS IN EIGHT DAYS OMG and they finish towards the end of June so be patient waiting for blog posts as they won’t be as frequent as usual (although I will try). By the end of June my exams will be over and I will have finally finished school woo! Then I’m having the longest holiday I’ll most likely have until I retire!

I’m so excited! The day after my last exam I’m going to see an exhibition of my sister’s uni work as she is graduating interior design and we’re going to be on holiday when she graduates so this exhibition is going to be our celebration of that! Woo, so proud of her!

My sister in a photo shoot styled by me a few years ago!
My sister in a photo shoot styled by me a few years ago!

Then, my cousin Sylwia is coming down from Poland to visit us for almost a whole month and I’m so excited to see her and shop and go out and most of all, for her to meet Alaska for the first time! After that, we’re going on a real holiday to Poland, which will be Alaska’s first flight and first visit to another country! We’re going to celebrate my grandma’s and Alaska’s great-grandma’s (!) 70th birthday and Alaska will also get to meet her whole extended family who live in Poland! I’m so excited for everyone to meet her and see how amazing she is, I’m so proud to be her mummy! Sadly my partner Liam can’t come on holiday with us as he’s starting a new job in a week and couldn’t get two weeks off (boo 😦 but we’re going again next year!). For the second week of our holiday, we’re going to the Polish seaside where it will be super warm and lovely and Alaska’s basically a mermaid (if she could, she would live in the bath) so I think she’s gonna love it!


When we get back, I’m going to be studying for my driving test and doing that as I can drive because I had driving lessons about a year ago (I actually drove myself to the hospital to have Alaska!) and just need to do my theory exam and voila! Another qualification which can potentially help me get a job, done!

Then, I’m going to be starting a course through Open University, studying Personal and Commercial Fashion Styling and Image Consultancy which I’m soooooo excited about, I just can’t wait to do it! I just want to be a stylist so so so bad, I’m not gonna sleep if that’s what it takes to get this qualification! While I’m at Open University, as it is a distance learning course, I will probably also get a part-time job, depending on how time-consuming it is and what hours Liam is working as we don’t want to pay the ridiculously high childcare costs as I would basically never get to see Alaska while making about a tenner a day.

My drawings from when I was in my grunge phase ha ha (One of the people pictured is me!)
My drawings from when I was in my grunge phase ha ha (One of the people pictured is me!)

Once I’ve done my course, I will get a job in the fashion retail industry, as close to my profession as I can find and I will save money while writing a business plan for my own personal styling business! That’s the final part of my career plan: A professional personal fashion styling business. I just can’t wait to have an influence on what people wear and making people feel good in what they wear!

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and tell me about your plans, what are your dreams? What do you want to do for the rest of your life? And remember, hard work can get you anything you dream of!

Klaudia xo

*all of the photos are my own and can’t be copied without permission*

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