Shopping Haul: Mummy, Baby & Beauty (with recommendations!)


One thing you should know about me is that I’m a shopaholic. I just love shopping and will find any excuse for buying things that aren’t necessities. So today I want to share my latest buys with you and tell you a bit about each one. 
 Jacket – Villa
First thing to share is this gorgeous biker style floral jacket! How perfect is it?! I’m sharing it to also let those of you who don’t know, about a great app called Vinted (available in the iTunes Store for free) where you can sell the things you don’t want in your closet anymore, buy other people’s things and swap your things with other people; it’s perfect for updating your wardrobe without spending money! It’s also seriously addictive ha ha but I bought this genius jacket for only £11! How good is that?!
 Romper – Vintage
The next thing I wanted to share with you is this gorgeous romper/play suit I got for Alaska! It’s just so beautiful and reminds me of the 1950s which I love in fashion. I can’t wait until she fits it, ready for summer! 
 Playsuit – George at Asda
Another play suit (I’m loving play suits for Alaska lately!) and this one I picked up while food shopping (double win) and it was only £3!!! It’s so beautiful and original I just love it! 
 Cardigan – Ted Baker
For the windier summery days and summery afternoons, every little fashionista needs a stylish cover-up to keep her warm. I chose this beautiful Ted Baker cardigan because I don’t like boring coats and cardigans for me or Alaska. I think if you have to cover up your clothes because of the weather, the cover up should reflect your personality and match your outfit. This Ted Baker cardigan has a lovely blue colour and the frills at the front look so beautiful when Alaska wears it. I love how well it’s made as well, it’s really a great quality cardigan that’s why Ted Baker is one of my favourite brands for Alaska. 
 Burberry Baby Top, 6 months, FOR SALE!

 Burberry Baby Top, 6 months, FOR SALE!

I got these two gorgeous Burberry tops for Alaska from eBay, however they don’t fit her so they’re on sale, comment if you’re interested! They’re just so beautiful and I’m so heartbroken (and broke) because of them ha ha. 
 Dress – Monsoon
I’m so excited about our summer holidays, I can’t stop myself from keep buying more and more summery clothes for her. I looooooove dresses and skirts for myself and for Alaska, one of the reasons why I’m glad I’ve got a baby girl ha ha. This Monsoon dress has a boho edge to it, something I don’t particularly like on myself but love seeing on other people and toddlers look so cute in boho clothes! 
Top – Baby Boden
Nautical stripes are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe, even my one year old’s so I got her this lovely simple Mini Boden nautical top which she can wear all summer long with lots of different things and look chic. 
Trousers – George at Asda
I’m lately in love with patterned trousers and even though I haven’t found the perfect pair for myself yet, Alaska’s closet is full of them. I got this pair from George (another food shopping trip) and I love them! She can even wear them with the nautical top or lots of other things, I just love them. They’re very lightweight as well so she can be protected from the sun without roasting in it. 

Now onto my latest beauty buys! I’m the sort of person to always buy lots of products and use them once or twice because I’m determined to find the perfect products for me. 
Starting with my hair, it’s thick, frizzy, curly and full of volume and so so so hard to maintain! I usually just opt for a topknot on most days because I don’t have the time to do anything else to it with Alaska’s terrible twos apparently starting early. But I’m still always on the lookout for a perfect product that will make my hair easier to maintain and look better. 
This Volume Plumping Whip by Toni&Guy arrived in my YouBeauty Box and is a great product, although it doesn’t do much to my hair, my partner who has obviously short hair finds it really useful to style hair with. I think it would be effective if my hair wasn’t so thick and volumeous  already. I still trust Tony&Guy to make great hair products after all, they’re the official hair stylists of LFW. 

Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off The Press thermal protection hairspray is a product I definitely recommend as it’s worth having it even for the ah-mazing smell alone! It also really works! I spray it on my hair, straighten it and it keeps it in its place while smelling so delicious! Definitely try it! 

I think every woman wants to find that perfect nude nail polish which will look perfect with their skin and stay on for basically ever. I’ve read many positive recommendations about Sally Hansen’s nail polishes and so I got the one called Sorbet which looked so appealing. After trying it out, I’m sooooooo disappointed! It’s so watery and terrible and I felt like I was trying to paint my nails with my daughter’s watercolours rather than a nail polish. Just terrible, don’t ever buy it! It’s such a waste of time and money. 

Something I’m trying to do at the moment is looking after my skin better. I want to have an airbrush-smooth face when I’m on holiday and make up free at the beach. I’ve heard many good things about Argan oil products and decided to buy this night serum. So far, I’ve been using it for 4 days and my skin is visibly smoother, healthier and feels so much softer and nicer. I would recommend it to anyone with less-than-perfect skin as it will definitely help!

To get the skin on my body all smooth and soft, I always use scrubs, this amazing Daily Scrub from Original Source refreshes and wakes up my skin like no other and it smells so amazing I could literally eat it. 
While buying my second bottle of the Daily Scrub, temptation came over me while looking at all the amazing gluten-free, vegan Original Source products and I also got this Skin Quench which I haven’t tried out yet but I’m sure it’ll be as moisturising and lovely as advertised. I highly recommend all the Original Source products, they smell delicious and really work while being sustainable! 

Hope you all enjoyed my haul and I’d love to hear your opinions about my buys and your experiences with those beauty products, let me know in comments!

Klaudia xo


  1. […] I know a lot of bloggers do this every day but I do find posing in from of the camera awkward and I don’t know what to do with my face/body/everything and there was so many people walking past, starring at me as well! Anyway, Alaska and I were bored and my mum asked if we wanted to come to town with her to walk around shops and then Liam ended up finishing work at the same time as my mum and my dad gave them a lift up to town and we all went out for a coffee and lunch at Starbucks. Then, we shopped, took some awkward pictures of me and shopped more. I will include the things I bought in a shopping haul post similar to this one. […]


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