What We Did This Weekend – OOTD & Car Boot Sale


Today me and Alaska went to a car boot sale to sell all our junk!
Yes, I’m wearing a hoodie but it was 6am #sorrynotsorry
 I’m really into spring cleaning and clearing out the house so I looked through every cupboard and left the things that we actually use in them and cleared the rest. After boxing it all up, packing the car up to its limits and getting up at 6am on a Sunday(!); we went selling!

I don’t even know how I managed to gather all this stuff!
We managed to sell about a quarter of our junk because I have a huge shopping problem and so there just wasn’t enough people to buy all the stuff I’ve gathered over the years. Oops. But still, a few boxes lighter and slightly richer we came home. 
I just love this picture, I’m wearing: top – Vintage; cardigan – Primark; Bandana – Market; Leggings – H&M; Shoes – Dr. Marten’s

I love car boot sales, they’re my favourite outdoorsy activity ha ha I don’t do sports. But shopping and fresh air?! Sure! 


It’s a lovely mummy and daughter thing to do and Alaska’s grandad took us and only wanted to spend time with her so I was selling while he was playing with her which was a nice break for me and fun for Alaska and her grandad. 
I highly recommend clearing out and selling your junk, it’s such a rewarding feeling! 
Action shot of this mischevious child wearing: top – Vertbaudet; jeans – Next; shoes – Lellii Kelly
Happy spring cleaning and hope you enjoyed the pictures! 
Klaudia xo


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