Alaska’s OOTD – Vintage Flowers


Today I’m sharing Alaska’s outfit of the day. I’ll admit, it’s not perfect and it was just something we threw on without thinking much except from staying warm on the sunny-but-windy day like today. But I just want to get my head around doing outfits of the day and I wanted to see how Alaska would co operate so just took some pictures when she was picking flowers in the garden today. 

Bless her little socks, I think she looks so adorable in every picture, I found it so difficult to choose the ones to put on here 🙈 but onto the outfit: 

As I felt like today was one of those cute summery days and I was on my day off, we went with a cute pink tunic with vintage styled flowers on it. I love little retro accents in Alaska’s outfits as they make me think of the dolls I used to have when I was little. 

 The dress is from Next which is known for its beautiful detailed baby clothes and interesting patterns. It has buttons down the front, a belt (which Alaska kept undoing) and lovely pockets with bows on them. On a summery day Alaska would just wear the dress by itself but as it was a little bit chilly, I put a long sleeved purple top on under to keep those chunky arms warm. 
We also put wooly striped tights on so she wouldn’t get too cold but mostly, to protect those little knees when she falls over. 

To finish this outfit off, her red sparkly Lelli Kelly’s completed the look by bringing the red flower pattern out. 

  Dress/tunic – Next

Top – Next

Tights – George

Shoes – Lelli Kelly

Hope you enjoyed our first OOTD and comment what you think!

Klaudia xo 


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