Instagram mix April


Today I’m sharing my Instagram pictures from April which will hopefully tell you a bit more about me and for those who don’t have Instagram, you’ll be able to see them!

The first photo I posted on Instagram in April was my freshly painted nails as it was pamper day (woo!) on top of my favourite green tea. For the manicure, I used Nails Inc London Latex Effect Nail Varnish in Bermondsey Street (£12) and MUA Nail Quake Crackle Glitter in Blue (£4). One thing you should know about me is that 90% of the time I drink Coca Cola but if I’m not drinking Coke, it’s green tea in my mug (or the rare Starbucks mocha when I’m caffeine crashing).  

The next picture I posted was of me drinking my favourite Coke and still sporting the Nails Inc Latex Effect mani while having a relaxing night, wearing my boyfriend’s shirt (Lee Cooper, £45). I don’t know what it is about men’s clothes but they’re just perfect for slouching around the house or being a couch potato hehe 😉

The next picture I posted was a collage of some of our pictures from our family day at Tropical World. We had an absolutely amazing time looking at different animals and walking around the tropical forests. Alaska had the best time ever and her favourites were piranhas and meerkats ☺️ I just realised this is the first time you’ll see our little family on here 🙈 Alaska is wearing an Early Days playsuit (£4!) and Primigi shoes (£44). I’m wearing an Atmosphere playsuit (£11) and Liam’s wearing a Cedarwood T-shirt (£5). Didn’t realise we were all wearing Primark clothes ha ha 😂

The next picture was of a huge raspberry meringue which I got fro the co-op but sadly got crushed in my bag ha it was still delicious. 


This will never fail to make me laugh 😂 It’s the first selfie Alaska took of herself when she managed to steal my phone when I wasn’t looking, but it’s just so funny, she’s got the duck face down and everything!

These were the most delicious things in the world but I think you get the picture – I like food. 

Ooh a picture of my shopping trip 😍 I originally only went to buy some eyeliner and then got a bit carried away and bought: Shoes for Alaska – Lelli Kelly, £49; Yellow top – Fat Face, £28; Beige Lace Top – Guess, £45; Salmon coloured shirt – Atmosphere, £4; B&W checkered shorts – Atmosphere, £4; Nude jelly shoes – Melissa, £30; Multicoloured pointed ballerinas – Dorothy Perkins, £28; Sparkly pink ballerinas – Dorothy Perkins, £32; Sunglasses – Dorothy Perkins, £8. Hope you like my buys!

Our Starbucks coffees from a little lunch date we had ☺️

A snapshot of the vegetarian bolo gear sauce I made. Definitely a family favourite and healthy too! Recipe will be posted at some point.

  A collage of three scarves I’m trying to sell, the first one is Burberry and I’m selling it for £40 and the other two are vintage Jaeger and I’m selling them for £20 each. If anyone’s interested, comment. 
The next picture  was one of my lovely healthy lunches but there will be a whole post about quick, healthy lunches so I’m not going to tell you what’s in this (oh, how mysterious of me). 

These are pictures of my little monkey Alaska excited about her yummy and healthy lunch but I will also be posting separately about toddler meal ideas. 

And with that adorable picture of my baby Alaska, I’m done sharing for the day lol. But seriously, I hope this post made you get to know me and my little family a little bit better and hope you enjoyed!

If you want to follow me on Instagram it’s @klaudiarr 

Have a nice May!
Klaudia xo

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